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1) Use only unique connections
In case you enter accounts with 1 ip address, then all your accounts can be blocked. The perfect TOR Browser solution.

2) What are these accounts, where do you have them from?
Hacked accounts.

3) Can legal owners restore them?
Yes they can. But the chances are extremely small and we indicated the percentage of recovery on the account purchase page.

4) Why buy hacked if you can buy official access?
Official accesses are very expensive or not at all, if you have a lot of money - buy. And so you spend a penny and get the same thing.

5) What to do with accounts?
There are two options for using the accounts of this store:
a) For personal use
b) To deceive the store (private methods, but associated with a massive purchase of cards, quick use and further check for valid and return of funds). When the store is tricked, accounts become 100% banned, but before that, users have already managed to get 100-1000 cards with great benefits. After the ban, you can buy a new account and again deceive the store.

6) I bought an account and it does not work.
On the main page of our store indicated: Checking the goods within 10 minutes. ( From the moment of downloading the file with the account, until the moment of authorization, to make a video recording ). 10 minutes after receiving your account, no complaints will be accepted!

7) I bought an account, but I don’t know the link to the site.
Contact us via Telegram or online chat.